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While campaigns come and go, the fight for progress continues

The general election may be over, but there’s still a lot you can do to help build a better Texas.

The end of an election season can sometimes bring stagnation along with it. With all of the work put into campaigning for progressive candidates across the state, people may wonder what more there is to do once the election is over. 

It’s important to remember that the work to shape a more progressive Texas is never over. In fact, the end of elections should serve as the beginning of the long road ahead to remedy the harm that dangerous policies have inflicted on our communities across the state. As the progressive movement in our state continues to grow, there is a whole lot more we can do to work toward a better future.

Here are a few things you can do beyond the election to get involved in the work that’s needed to shape a better state for us all: 

Start watching bills in the #txlege. 

November 9, 2020 is the first day the Texas legislature can start filing bills. Holding our elected officials accountable is one of the most important parts of the political process, and the best way we can do so is by watching to see what kind of legislation they are proposing for the upcoming session. Here at Progress Texas, we'll be keeping our followers updated on bills as they're filed.  

Texans have the ability to sign up for public testimony when bills are being presented during open committee hearings, in which you can give your reasoning behind why you support or oppose a certain bill. This may change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so watch out for alternative ways to offer testimony that don’t require going to the Capitol in person. Another way you can stay active in the legislative process is by simply calling up your representatives and letting them know how you want them to vote on certain bills. 

Plug into orgs across the state working to mobilize progressive Texans.

Increasing advocacy on social justice issues is vital to shaping a new Texas, and one way you can do that is by plugging into local or state organizations already doing that work. 

No matter what issue area you are most passionate about, there is an organization you can join to help uplift that work. Building progressive communities across Texas makes it easier to mobilize in our large state, long before the next election season comes around.

Here’s a list of organizations doing important work throughout the state. And if you haven’t already, go to and subscribe to our email list for updates on how to stay involved. 

Keep an eye on the Texas Railroad Commission. 

With the Texas Railroad Commission consistently failing to do its job of regulating oil and gas companies here in Texas, it falls on us to make sure these companies aren’t encroaching on our communities. Chrysta Casteneda’s campaign for Railroad Commission opened up many Texans’ eyes to the failures of the Commission. Just because she may not be on the Commission now doesn’t mean we can’t demand that those who are actually do their jobs. As we are experiencing a climate crisis, staying aware of the Commission’s actions and working to hold them accountable is key to protecting our planet.  

Campaigns may come and go, but the fight for progress is never-ending. We need all hands on deck.