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VIDEO: John Oliver Blasts Texas Republicans & Predatory Lender Cronies

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver breaks down the abusive- and often illegal- tactics of payday lenders, the devastating cycle of debt caused by their practices, and the control predatory lender insiders have over state legislatures. And the prime example: Texas, because “apparently even clusterf***s are bigger in Texas.”

"So if you were hoping to protect Texas from the payday lending industry, you need to approach a commission overseen by the vice president of a payday loan company, and then introduce a bill into the state legislature, where the owner of 12 payday loan stores will debate the merits of the payday loan industry with one the payday loan industry's future f***ing lobbyists."  

Oh, one thing he forgot to mention: the Republican running for Governor of Texas- Attorney General Greg Abbott- helped clear the way for these predatory lenders to proliferate across the state in return for more than $250,000 in campaign cash.