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VIDEO - Cornyn and Cruz Must Nominate Diverse Judges

Following the release of our report on John Cornyn & Ted Cruz's judicial vacancy crisis, the two Senators have felt the pressure to put forward qualified nominees that represent the cultural diversity of Texas. The video clip below highlights some of the TV reports that came out across the state:

You can find additional coverage from the Associated Press, Dallas Morning News, and KUT.

The report we released with the Center for American Progress detailed the gravity of the judicial vacancy crisis in Texas. As those TV clips show:

  • 10 - total vacancies in Texas federal court seats, more than anywhere else in the United States
  • 12,000 - the backlog of cases in Texas federal courts, which would take 19.5 years to hear
  • 6 & 17 - the number of nominees Texas Senators have sent to President Obama since he took office (6), and the number sent to President Bush at the same time in his term term (17)
  • 23% - Texas vacancies account for 23% of all vacancies in the United States that lack a nominee

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