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Urgent: Tell Austin City Council to Fight For Your Right!

URGENT: Today the Austin City Council will consider legal action against the Texas voter ID law. This is a terrible law that could limit access to voters all around the state. Protect your voting rights - please contact the Council and urge them to join the lawsuit against voter ID!

Up until recently, the national Voting Rights Act prevented the Texas voter ID law from being enacted because it posed an unnecessary burden on voters – particularly low-income and minority voters. But when the US Supreme Court struck down parts of the VRA this year, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott pushed for the law to be restored.

Now Congressman Marc Veasey has filed a lawsuit against voter ID, with Dallas County joining the suit. If Austin also joins the suit, we will be able to demonstrated a strong show of strength against this law from many parts of our state.

Click here and email the entire Austin City Council and tell them to fight for your rights by every means necessary – including legal action!