Top Ten WTF Moments of Texas Abortion Debate - Part 2 (Senate Edition)

First read Part 1 of the Top Ten WTF Moments of the Texas Abortion Debate. Then check out Part 2 below, which covers Tuesday June 25, the #StandWithWendy filibuster day...

  1. As Davis Reads Tragic Woman's Testimony, Dewhurst Laughs

  2. Do As I Say, Not As I Tweet (POO 1)

    "The first point of order had come from Republican Robert Nichols, who had argued that her reference to the state’s defunding of Planned Parenthood was “not germane”–an argument that Dewhurst, as presiding officer, had found convincing." - "A Bill is Killed, a Star is Born" by Erica Grieder, Texas Monthly

  3. 72-Year Old Protester Escorted Out of Gallery by State Police

    Video shot by Joe Deshotel (@joethepleb)

  4. State Rep. Bill Zedler, Author of Texas Birther Bill, Calls (Someone) a Terrorist

  5. Men Can Pee in a Basket but Women Can't Put on a Back Brace (POO 2)

    "Senate Democrats were incredulous about the hard-line approach (and had a chance to say so, because senators are allowed to debate a point of order). Ellis recalled that during a filibuster in the 1970s other members made a circle around the senator giving the speech, like water buffalo defending their young, so that he could relieve himself in one of the chamber’s wooden wastebaskets." "A Bill is Killed, a Star is Born" by Erica Grieder, Texas Monthly

  6. GOP Sen. Bob Deuell Says Pregnancy Only Occurs After "Accurate Intercourse"

    "Sex Education in Texas Public Schools: Progress in the Lone Star State"

  7. Third Rule of Abortion Debate is You Can't Talk About Abortion (POO 3)


    "By this point, there were more than 100,000 people watching the filibuster on livestreams, and many of them may have been surprised by the suggestion that Davis’s discussion of Texas’s sonogram bill was not “germane” to the topic at hand, which was a bill concerning the abortion facilities and practices in Texas." - "A Bill is Killed, a Star is Born" by Erica Grieder, Texas Monthly

  8. "At what point does a female senator have to raise her hand in order to be recognized over a male senator?"


  9. Time Stamp Gate, aka, Tampering With State Documents


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BONUS CONTRAST: Crowd 1 Wants to Take Away Women's Health Care & Crowd 2 Wants to Protect It

Ed. note - if you're looking for how to stay involved on this topic, be sure to check out some of the great groups that are covering, working on, and trying to improve women's health issues in Texas: Planned ParenthoodNARAL Pro-Choice TexasAnnie's List (recruiting and electing women candidates), Lilith FundJane's Due Process (ensures legal representation for minors in Texas), Texas Freedom Network (improving sex education) and the Texas ACLU. Be sure to follow us at Progress Texas, or the great writers at Think ProgressBurnt Orange Report, and RH Reality Check, to stay up-to-date on this issue.


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