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Top Ten Facts About Equal Pay in Texas

  1. There are 42 states that have passed a state-level Equal Pay Act. Texas is not one of them. (Source)

  2. The Federal Equal Pay Act, also known as the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act," provides standing only in federal court - but it does not provide standing in state courts. (Source)

    (Obama signing the national Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act)

  3. The Texas Supreme Court has expressed a need for a state version of the Equal Pay Act. (Source)

  4. In the court case Prairie View A&M vs Chatha, the university was sued for paying a female professor less than a male professor. Greg Abbott defended the university, saying that the federal law didn't apply. Chatha lost. (Source)

  5. Some conservatives say "women are too busy" to care about an Equal Pay Act. (Source)

  6. Other conservatives simply blame women for making less money, saying they should "become better negotiators." (Source)

  7. In 2013, the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature passed an Equal Pay Act with bipartisan support. The bill was authored by State Sen. Wendy Davis and State Rep. Senfronia Thompson. (Source)

  8. Rick Perry vetoed the bill. (Source)

  9. Greg Abbott pays women less than men in his AG's office, even those who have the same - if not more - experience. (Source)

  10. In the Texas equal pay case, Greg Abbott defended Prairie View A&M saying state law didn't protect an employee. Now he says state laws do protect employees - and that's why he'd veto the Texas Equal Pay Act. (Source)



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