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Trump Endorsed by Texas Republicans

Texas Republicans Sink to New Low with Party Leader Donald Trump

Donald Trump has sunk to a new low, and he’s taking other Republicans with him.

Last week the parents of Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim American soldier who died while serving in Iraq, shared their story at the Democratic National Convention, and gave a strong rebuke to Donald Trump’s campaign of fear and division. Trump and his allies have since sought to vilify the Khan family and accuse them of supporting terrorism.

While many Texas Republicans have been remarkably quiet on this issue, some - including Governor Abbott - have rightly condemned Trump’s remarks and defended the Khans’ dedication to their country. But none have had the courage to withdraw their support for his presidential campaign - even when, as noted by President Obama at the DNC, Trump’s behavior throughout this election has not been particularly Republican or even conservative.

Many Texas Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, gave Trump their endorsement soon after he became the presumptive nominee. Despite Trump’s extreme rhetoric and dangerous policy proposals, they preferred to put their partisan interests ahead of their principles.

List: Texas Republicans Endorsing Donald Trump

How far will Republicans let Trump go before they acknowledge the threat he poses not only to their party, but to our country?