"Texas Left Me Out" Highlights Health Care Coverage Gap

One million low-income Texans are left out of health coverage because elected leaders in Texas chose politics over what was right for people.

Under the nation's health law, every person is supposed to have a way to get health care coverage. But in Texas, when elected officials refused Medicaid expansion, it left more than one million Texans in a coverage gap. This means people who could have qualified for Medicaid won’t receive the benefits of the new health law – including veterans and their spouses, as well as workers in construction, child care, health care, and service industries. Therefore most of the people taking the newly created jobs in Texas won’t qualify.


This past Wednesday, Progress Texas joined the Texas Organizing Project, the Texas Well and Healthy coalition, and more than 40 health and community organizations to launch "Texas Left Me Out" - a campaign in English and Spanish to collect stories from uninsured Texans left in the coverage gap and connect them with available health care options and advocacy efforts. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Visit our website to take action - in English at www.TexasLeftMeOut.org, or in Spanish at www.TejasMeDejoAtras.org
  2. Uninsured Texans can also call 866-697-3155 to get connected with someone who can help with health care options.
  3. Text “Leftout” for English or “Cobertura” for Spanish to 30644 to connect to the campaign.

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