Texas GOP Rep. Jason Villalba, Who Once Hosted a Fundraiser at Home of Nazi Art Collector, Praises Trump's Debate

Dallas Republican Jason Villalba Really Seems to Like Authoritarian Figures

Woooo. Okay.

Last night's debate showcased Hillary Clinton's tremendous experience and Donald Trump's bad temperment. Whether it was the snap polls, the betting markets, Democrat or Republican commentators, everyone seemed to agree she did well. Even Congressional Republicans were unusually muted about it - showing just how well Hillary's performance was.

But there was one Texas Republican who couldn't stop praising Donald Trump's debate: Dallas Republican State Representative, Jason Villalba.

Rep. Villalba sure seems to have a thing about authoritarian figures. After all, it was only a year ago that Rep. Villalba co-hosted a political fundraiser inside the home of a Nazi art collector. On Yom Kippur.
I'm not even joking - from the Texas Tribune:
An evening fundraiser at the suburban Dallas home of Harlan Crow, a real estate investor considered one of the biggest GOP donors in Texas. Crow is also an art collector who owns paintings by Adolf Hitler and a signed copy of "Mein Kampf..."
Hosts of the fundraiser include former U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas, Republican state Rep. Jason Villalba of Dallas...

The strange Nazi connection doesn't end there. Rep. Villalba only has one Politifact rating on file, when he got a Pants on Fire rating for comparing Bernie Sanders to...wait for it...a Nazi.


Between his love for Donald Trump and his history of hosting fundraisers at the home of Nazi art collectors, it sure appears Republican State Rep. Jason Villalba has a strong penchant for dangerous authoritarian figures.

What's most interesting about Rep. Villalba's reaction to the debate was how thoroughly he tried to distance himself from Trump...as he was praising him. Take a look at a few of these tweets from last night:

First one in the camps? What does that even mean?

Again - this is not just a random Republican on Twitter. It's a State Representative, and one many believe could be the future face of the Texas Republican Party.

So, to summarize: Rep. Villalba believes Donald Trump, the guy who told a lie every 2.65 minutes of the debate, easily won. But he doesn't like Trump at all.

Or something.

Maybe Rep. Villalba should just learn how to shake it all off: