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Texas GOP Congressmen Sessions and Culberson Vote to Strip Health Care from Millions of Texans

Imperiled incumbents Sessions and Culberson threw the lives and health of Texans under the bus, and Congressman Will Hurd did nothing to stop them.

With midterm elections on the horizon, Texas Democrats are gearing up to fight for seats in three highly competitive congressional districts in 2018. Lightening the load for Democrats, the Republican incumbents in these districts —  Texas Representatives Pete Sessions (R- Dallas), John Culberson (R- Houston), and Will Hurd (R- San Antonio) —  are spearheading the campaign against themselves by championing some of the most dangerous and widely-rejected policies proposed by the Trump administration. This week, Sessions and Culberson voted to gut Obamacare and then celebrated, while Hurd, who voted against the bill, remained silently complicit throughout the week-long, public vote count.



According to estimates provided by the Center for American Progress, if enacted as law, Trumpcare would result in more than 2.5 million Texans losing health coverage.

  • 65,900 Texans in Sessions’ district would lose coverage
  • 63,900 Texans in Culberson’s district would lose coverage
  • 74,700 Texans in Hurd’s district would lose coverage

Texas Sessions Culberson AHCA Coverage Loss