Texas Democrats offer 5 common-sense gun reform proposals

Texas House Democrats across the state are calling for an emergency session and pressuring Republicans to take action on gun reform.

Texas House Democrats are calling for an emergency session to protect Texans from gun violence. 

Texas Democrats held five separate press conferences across the state to pressure Republicans to take action on gun reform in Texas. Far too many lives have been lost in our state due to senseless gun violence. 

The recent tragedies in El Paso and Midland-Odessa underscore the need for laws to protect Texans from gun violence. 

In a letter to Governor Greg Abbott, the Democrats asked that at a minimum, Abbott place the following items on the call:

  1. Enacting extreme risk protective order laws and closing existing loopholes in current protective order laws
  2. Closing the background check loopholes
  3. Banning the sale of high-capacity magazines
  4. Limiting the open carry of certain semi-automatic long guns
  5. Requiring stolen guns be reported to law enforcement

Along with numerous other gun safety bills, these five common-sense gun reform policies were authored and proposed during the 86th Texas Legislature’s regular session. 

In addition to these bills, the Texas House Democrats asked that the Texas Legislature pass measures to combat the rise in racism and white nationalism seen in our state, as the El Paso shooter’s actions were driven by racial hatred and white supremacy. 

While these shootings continue to happen, Democrats are refusing to sit idle. These reforms offer a list of actions that can be taken immediately.

Sign our petition and stand in support of common-sense gun reform!


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