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Will Hurd Pete Gallego Texas 23

Texas Congressional District 23: Democrat Pete Gallego v. Tea Party Republican Will Hurd

Hurd’s first term should be his last.

Tea Party Republican Will Hurd is trying to distance himself from his party’s leader Donald Trump, but Hurd has spent his time in Congress siding with many of Trump’s positions  — not the Texans he’s supposed to represent.

Hurd refused to stand up to Trump for most of his campaign. Why? Even after Trump attacked Latinos, veterans, and the disabled — Hurd said nothing.

But there’s some good news for the hard working Texas families in Big Bend, El Paso, San Antonio, and the rest of Texas’ 23rd district, Democrat Pete Gallego shares their values and is ready to fight for them.

This is one of most competitive Congressional races in the country, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. This race is a rematch. Gallego was elected to this seat in 2012, but lost by a razor thin margin in 2014.

Hurd has spent two years in Congress on the wrong side of every issue. Hurd’s first term should be his last.

Will Hurd Texas 23 Report Card

After just one term in Congress, Hurd has managed to rack up a an extreme record of failing Texans on almost every issue:

  • Failed to support veterans and military families, voting for widespread cuts to veterans programs from health care to aid for homeless veterans.

  • Failed to fund quality education and to make college more affordable for all Texans, voting to slash education funding and Pell Grants.

  • Failed to keep families together, voting for deportations of DREAMers and sponsoring legislation to militarize the border.

  • Failed to level the playing field for workers, voting against paid leave and speaking out against raising the minimum wage

  • Failed to respect women, voting against equal pay for equal work, for restricting abortion access, and to defund Planned Parenthood.

  • Failed to protect our environment, voting against clean water and to undermine climate change prevention

The contrasts between Hurd and Democrat Pete Gallego couldn’t be more stark. Gallego is a dedicated public servant who’s committed his life’s work fighting for Texas families, first in the Texas Legislature and then in Congress.

  • Fight to provide ever Texan with access to education and a better future.

  • Fight to fix our broken immigration system, to keep families together and support DREAMERs

  • Fight to ensure affordable health care for all Texans

  • Fight to guarantee equal pay for equal work for women

  • Fight to bring better paying jobs to Texas

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