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Texans need health care, and we need the Medicaid expansion

From our friends at Texas Well and Healthy:

Please call Governor Rick Perry at 888-530-9422 and tell him: "I don't want my federal tax dollars to go to other states' hospitals and health systems. Expand Medicaid, so Texans have coverage and our health dollars can come back to Texas!"

The Affordable Care Act, the nation's health reform law, will benefit millions of Texans, thanks to expanded Medicaid coverage for all adults who live at or near the poverty line. Since the Supreme Court ruling on the health care law last month, some states are planning to violate the law and not expand their Medicaid programs.

Despite that Texas has the highest rate of uninsured in the country and millions of Texans could benefit from this new provision, Gov. Rick Perry has announced that he has no intention of participating.

Keep in mind: under health reform, the federal government will cover 100% of the Medicaid growth for the first three years; after that, Texas would never pay more than 10% of the cost to cover the low-income uninsured. This means the federal tax dollars we Texans contribute for Medicaid will either get used for our own hospitals, doctors, patients, and healthy communities--or it will get sent to other states that have the sense to help their own people. It's not too late for Texas to get to work and make the right choice!

Leaving Texans untreated for their illnesses or waiting until it is too late, so that they end up in hospital emergency rooms, is not just wrong: it's expensive.

Texas needs to accept the Medicaid deal!

Call Governor Perry  at 888-530-9422 and tell him "Texans need health care, and we need the Medicaid expansion."