Ted Cruz's explicit...policies

More shameful than Cruz's late night Twitter habits are the explicit policies he promotes.

The internet exploded late last night when Ted Cruz's twitter account hilariously "liked" a 2-minute porn video. Personally, I wasn’t even aware robots watched porn. What a time to be alive.

However, more shameful than his late night Twitter habits are the explicit policies he promotes. For a refresher, here is just a few of them:

He doesn't believe in global warming.

He has attempted to remove health care protections for pre-existing conditions.

He opposes same sex marriage.

He wants to end abortion access.

He hates avocados...really.

He opposes solutions that would ensure equal pay for equal work.

He introduced legislation that would make it harder for everyone to vote, and celebrated a Supreme Court decision that made it harder for minorities to vote.

He voted against Sen. Elizabeth Warren's refinancing bill that would have made it easier for students to pay off student loans and not be shackled to excessive debt for decades.

He thinks #BlackLivesMatter celebrates the murder of police.

He tried to shutdown the government to defund Planned Parenthood.

He almost ruined queso.

He opposes paid family leave.

He co-sponsored a bill that allows your web browsing history to be sold without consent.

He was one of 8 Senators to vote against the violence Against Women Act.