Ted Cruz refuses to address Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, turns his back on women

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By voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ted Cruz has chosen to side with men in power without searching for the truth.

Ted Cruz’s vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh today is a vote against the women of Texas.

Instead of trying to get to the truth through further interviews or an FBI investigation, Cruz declined to speak with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, but did tell Kavanaugh the accusations against him lacked corroboration.

The brave person here is Dr. Blasey Ford. She displayed immense courage when sharing her story. She had nothing to gain. She only wanted to do her civic duty.

This hearing was a perfect illustration of why women don’t come forward more often.

Dr. Blasey Ford should be believed. Every survivor deserves to be believed.

This was not a trial for Dr. Blasey Ford to prove her assault. There is no burden of proof. This was a job interview for Kavanaugh for a position on the highest court of the United States.

Brett Kavanaugh is unfit for this job.

His multiple accusations of sexual assault make him a dangerous choice for the Supreme Court. His aggressive demeanor is unfit for someone who should have a level-head. His partisanship disqualifies him from obtaining this important position.

Cruz’s vote for Kavanaugh is a vote against women. Cruz’s vote for Kavanaugh is a vote for “boys will be boys” attitudes, white privilege and a culture of sexual assault. Cruz’s vote for Kavanaugh perpetrates a dangerous narrative that we must all fight against.

“Our words and actions have consequences,” Cruz said in his statement.

Yes, they do. And Cruz’s words and actions are clear. He does not represent Texas.

Our fight continues.

Call Ted Cruz at (202) 224-5922 or send him a tweet to @SenTedCruz to let him know that you support women and reject his vote for Brett Kavanaugh. He must do better and must vote against Kavanaugh when and if Kavanaugh’s nomination makes it to the Senate floor.


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