Ted Cruz No Better Than Donald Trump

Some of the many reasons why Cruz and Trump are more alike than Republicans may want to admit.

As the Republican presidential primary field gets smaller, more and more Republicans are rallying behind Ted Cruz in an attempt to stop Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

But far from being some reasonable alternative, Cruz really isn’t so different from Trump.

In fact, in some cases, he may be even worse.

  1. Immigration - Cruz Also Wants a Wall
    One of Trump’s most infamous policy proposals is building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to crack down on immigration. Cruz’s immigration plan also includes a wall, as well as ending Obama’s executive orders for DACA and DAPA, and opposing birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented immigrants.
  2. Healthcare - Both Oppose ACA, But Cruz Goes Farther
    Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act has had significant benefits for Americans, both Trump and Cruz want to repeal it. But even Trump has said that he did not want people “dying in the streets” if they couldn’t afford health insurance. Cruz took that as an opportunity to accuse Trump of supporting “socialized medicine.”
  3. Women’s rights - Trump Waffles, Cruz is Absolutely Opposed
    It’s not always clear where Trump stands on reproductive rights, though he has made many disparaging remarks about women during the campaign. But Cruz has directly called for criminalizing abortion and is against expanding women’s access to contraception. His actions in office speak even louder – Cruz was one of only eight senators to vote against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.
  4. Bigotry and Discrimination - Cruz Just as Bad
    Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States. This policy was based on questionable research conducted by Frank Gaffney, who Cruz has praised in the past. Not to be outdone, Cruz recently hired Gaffney as a foreign policy advisor and proposed a domestic surveillance program that would violate the civil liberties of American citizens.

These are just some of the many reasons why Cruz and Trump are more alike than Republicans may want to admit.

Trump’s outlandish statements often make the headlines, but Cruz’s policy positions are just as dangerous.

If Republicans are looking for a hero to save their party from itself, Ted Cruz isn’t it.