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The Tea Party Should Have to Play by the Same Rules

We all play by the same rules. When any organization files for tax-exempt status, it is subject to a higher level of scrutiny.

An overwhelming majority of organizations screened by the IRS after 2010 were not Tea Party groups, including Progress Texas. However, that hasn't stopped the paranoid Tea Party from thinking they shouldn't have to play by the same rules.

Our Executive Director, Ed Espinoza, released the following statement about the mess:

Progress Texas was subject to the type of additional vetting that Tea Party groups are complaining about. We accept this vetting process and we've abided by it. We all play by the same rules, and Tea Party groups should not be exempt from the rules that apply to every other organization.

If Tea Party groups want the process to move faster, perhaps they should follow the lead of Tea Party attorney Dan Backer and advocate for more government employees to ease the strain on the process.

On Wednesday, we came forward to share our story and push back against the Tea Party talking points. Progress Texas was featured in several big national stories:

The Tea Party should not be exempt from playing by the rules. Yes, filling out forms and waiting for a response is inconvenient – but it’s no different than what any other American goes through when dealing with taxes.

We will continue to share our story and undermine the notion that Tea Party shouldn't have to play by the same rules. Help us keep up the fight - become a sustaining donor today or chip in $20 today!