Tea Party Nominee Wants To Be Next Wendy Davis

A Tea Party nominee wants to be the next Wendy Davis. That’s terrifying.

Republican Konni Burton is running for Wendy Davis’ senate seat in Tarrant County against Democrat Libby Willis. The race is considered the closest legislative race in Texas.

Ted Cruz is all in behind Burton, citing her as one of his most important supporters:

“In the Senate race, when it was impossible…when we had no money, no endorsements, no support, Konni Burton was there. Now, that might just tell you she’s a little bit crazy.”

Formerly a wedding planner, Burton’s role in politics began as an organizer with the Northeast Tarrant county Tea Party. She became Vice President and served on Dan Patrick’s Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee.

Now, Burton - someone with no experience save moving quickly up the ranks of an extremist political group - could end up as a the pivotal deciding vote in the State Senate with a very scary, unstable presence in Texas politics.

We’ve already seen what she's capable of in two areas: campaigning by homophobic supporters she refuses to denounce, and doctors from her district writing that she is “unfit for office.”

When the National Family Coalition put out mailers earlier this month attacking Libby Willis for “supporting the radical homosexual agenda” and endorsing Konni Burton for SD-10, Burton made no move to condemn the groups hateful attack. Instead, she simply dismissed it. Texas needs leadership that supports all Texans.

When the Texas Medical Association endorsed Libby Willis for SD-10, Konni Burton lost it, and started claiming that physicians want to murder their elderly patients and that she would do everything in her power to stop them. A memo responding to Burton's outburst said the following:

“By this statement alone, Burton proves she is totally out of touch with the reality of medical care. By this statement alone, Burton proves she is not fit to hold public office. Our state faces many difficult and important challenges. It speaks volumes about Burton’s character that she would choose to fabricate offensive threats such as this that serve no purpose, insult physicians, and cause real harm to the patient-physician relationship.”

The Tea Party has proven time and again that no matter what’s right for Texans, they will posture on behalf of the Party's messaging, and Burton is no different. Because for the Tea Party, personal political agendas will always come first.

Early voting wraps up this Friday, October 31. Election Day is Tuesday, November 4. There's still time - your vote can make a difference!