STATEMENT: Ruling Clarifies Abortion Exemption

After being hospitalized for pregnancy complications in Texas, Lauren Miller, one of the plaintiffs in the case, was forced to fly to Colorado to obtain abortion care.
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Center for Reproductive Rights
State District Court Judge rules doctors—not politicians—should make abortion decisions in complicated pregnancies

TEXAS – Texas’ cruel and dangerous abortion ban is now blocked in relation to complicated pregnancies which pose a risk to a patient’s life, health, and fertility, as well as fatal fetal diagnosis. 

State District Court Judge Jessica Mangrum has ruled the state’s attorney general cannot prosecute doctors who, in their “good faith judgment,” terminate a complicated pregnancy.

During regular and special sessions, Texas Republicans in disarray missed the opportunities to save and improve our lives by rolling back extreme bans, or even fully clarifying abortion medical emergency exceptions. 

In the first-ever lawsuit on behalf of women denied needed abortions since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, more than a dozen Texas women who were denied abortion care relived their near-death torment in court over two days in July. 

"Life and death medical decisions are rightfully returned to patients and their doctors in complicated cases, thanks to these brave plaintiffs. Their suffering and trauma was entirely preventable. Texas Republicans had multiple legislative sessions to write exceptions to their abortion bans, and they didn’t,” said Kathleen Thompson, executive director at Progress Texas.