STATEMENT: In LNG Export Decision Pause, Biden Tackles Climate Crisis

President Biden speaking at podium
Major Victory for Communities, Climate, and National Security

TEXAS – Today the Biden Administration announced a pause on pending decisions of Liquified Natural Gas exports, heeding the calls of young people and frontline communities demanding action.

For years, the Department of Energy has rubber-stamped LNG export licenses in spite of irrefutable facts that exports raise energy prices for American families, devastate communities where factories are built, and prioritize polluter’s profits over people.

“Progress Texas celebrates action from the Biden Administration and Secretary Granholm acknowledging Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports’ harm to American citizens and the environment. Texas and neighbor Louisiana are two of the top oil and gas exporters, and we have an interest in ensuring prices stay affordable here at home, that our families are safe from the high and long term costs of LNG on our health and local economies, and of course, not adding more fuel to the fire of our already scorching climate,” said Kathleen Thompson, Progress Texas Executive Director.

“We believe this pause in approvals is real progress. President Biden is answering the call to action across the country, and a pause will help combat the climate crisis in Texas—one of the most threatened states in America,” she said.


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