Stand Up Men!

A new effort is launching in Texas, calling on men to accept their responsibility in the fight to defend women's health care. From Glenn Smith and James Moore, here is an exceprt from a wonderful article titled, "Where the Boys Aren't" -- with a video, too!

We're from Texas, which, despite the legendary efforts of the late Gov. Ann Richards does not earn honors for its kind treatment of women. We lead the nation in the number of women without health insurance; we have the worst rate of women receiving prenatal care; we're fourth in teen pregnancy; and we're sixth in the number of women in poverty.

Despite this dismal record, ask a Texas man what he'd do if some yahoo called his girlfriend a slut and you'll likely hear chivalrous brags about ball breaking and nose busting.

There is a kind of chivalry missing from this discussion, but not of that sort (as much as we might like to see it acted out on Rush Limbaugh). When it comes to their bodies and their health, women aren't defenseless lasses who need the protection of big, strong men. What they do need, however, is for men to accept their responsibility, biologically, morally, and politically, to play a substantial role in the health of their partners. And even though Texas might be the politically least likely place to start such a movement, we are launching an effort to get men to stand up with women to protect their contraceptive and health care rights.