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Rick Perry Wants to Give Money He Owes Taxpayers to a Super PAC

We can't believe it ourselves.

We already know that Rick Perry owes taxpayers nearly $2.7 million for his failed presidential campaign, in which he jetted around the country while we picked up the tab for his security costs. We also know it cost Texas $32,000 to pay for his fill-ins while he was out losing his campaign.

But did you know that, instead of returning his leftover campaign money to taxpayers, Perry wants to give it all away to an unaccountable Super PAC? From the Sunlight Foundation:

Former presidential candidate Rick Perry is urging the Federal Election Commission to let him convert his presidential campaign contributions into a political action committee -- and is asking whether he might turn his campaign apparatus into a super PAC, able to raise and spend money in unlimited amounts.

Perry's obscene fiscal irresponsibility has gone too far. Will you take action immediately and sign our petition calling on Perry to use his leftover campaign money to repay taxpayers what we are owed?

It's time for Rick Perry to accept that he lost and now's the time to pay up. His Washington D.C. fantasies are over. He's not going to live in the White House, and if he wants to leave so bad he needs to settle his business at home first.

Sign our petition and tell Rick Perry it is wrong to give the money he owes Texas taxpayers to a Super PAC.