Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Austin this Thursday

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the anti-union and Tea Party hero who today has been accused of over 1,000 violations of campaign finance law, will be the keynote speaker this week for the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s (TPPF) 10th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature.

TPPF is a conservative lobby group that focuses their time and energy to pass legislation that makes it harder for people to vote, weakens our education system, severely limits health care for children and seniors and encourages lawmakers to plan for failure in our budget process. Put another way, they are the Texas branch of ALEC, and over half of their funding comes from corporations and foundations. We will have a report coming soon to highlight these details even more.

To greet him and other conference attendees the Texas AFL-CIO will be organizing a Texas-style protest, at high noon on Thursday, January 12th at the Hilton Austin downtown, 500 E. 4th.


Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time: 11:30am

Meeting Place: Brush Square, between the Austin convention center and the Hilton, at 4th and Neches Street.

Make sure Tea Party conservative Scott Walker and the agenda causing him to be recalled in his home state gets a Texas-sized welcome.



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