Progress Texas Podcast: Blue Action Dems Takeover

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Check out our latest podcast where we discussed everything SB 8

We're proud to present, as a special edition of the Happy Hour, a panel of some of the most incredible women representing the progressive movement in Texas for a discussion of the draconian new abortion restriction enacted last week in Texas: SB8. Texas Blue Action Executive Director Lana Hansen moderates a truly amazing group: State Senator Wendy Davis, Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Dallas, Democratic nominee and Register@Vote founder Julie Oliver, Blue Action Founder and President Carrie Collier Brown, Blue Action Dems Board Member Michelle Moon-Reinhardt, The Honor Roll founder Kate Donaho, and Common Cause organizer and activist Katya Ehresman. What does SB8 really mean, is it likely to survive judicial review, how did it come to pass, and how can Texans fight back? Join the discussion AND the fight today. You can check it all out here: 

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