Progress Texas Calls Out Patterson for Sponsorship of Confederate Flag

Statement from Matt Glazer, Executive Director of Progress Texas on Virginia limiting confederate flag use while Jerry Patterson endorses confederate flag license plate.
After news was released that Lexington, Virginia City Council members voted to prohibit the flying of the confederate flag on city owned poles Progress Texas Executive Director Matt Glazer issued the following statement:
“Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and other Texas elected officials need to pay attention to those taking the lead in other cities across the United States, like the Lexington, Virginia City Council members, who are working to end the days of conflict, civil war, and racism that has plagued American and the south for too long. 
Instead, Commissioner Patterson and others are endorsing a history that should be recognized but not promoted by supporting the use of the confederate flag on Texas license plates. Texans are ready to move forward. Texans do not want the confederate flag and all it represents to be a symbol of Texas.  

Progress Texas and our members applaud the act by the Lexington, Virginia City Council members to prohibit confederate flag use on city poles. We call on Patterson and other elected officials of Texas who support the confederate flag license plate to rescind that sponsorship and instead help move Texas forward and away from oppression and racism.”