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Perry, Cruz and Abbott Speak Before Sexists and Bigots

Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, and Greg Abbott have weekend plans to pander to sexists and bigots, happily lie about immigration, and continue their disgusting pattern of divisive partisan politics at the expense of common sense governing.

Here's what's on the agenda:

One topic all three will certainly talk about is immigration, an issue in which the GOP has completely abandoned any sense of logic, and opted instead for ridiculous policies and rhetoric that are filled with lies and misunderstanding.

Here's a look at a few of the lies that Perry, Cruz, and Abbott have recently told about immigration:

Rick Perry

  • 3 separate "Pants on Fire" ratings in the last six weeks when talking about the border (June 17July 17August 3)
  • When asked about Perry's efforts on the border, the El Paso County judge told the New York Times that, "It is such a waste of taxpayer resources, especially when so many fundamental needs are underfunded by the very state leadership that proposes and promotes this waste."

Ted Cruz

  • Rated "False" on claims refugee children are coming here because of Obama
  • His claims that immigrants are coming here because of a deferred action order go against a report leaked by GOP Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Greg Abbott

A poll of 1,000 Texans from San Antonio and on south to the border found that survey respondents were would vote against a politician who advocates that child immigrants be returned to their home countries without due process. Survey respondents saw the crisis at the border as a humanitarian crisis, and by a wide margin denounce GOP statements suggesting otherwise.

Cruz, Perry and Abbott will continue lying about immigration as they make their weekend apperances in front of sexists and bigots - insulting the vast majority of their voters and doubling-down on divisive anti-Latino rhetoric.