PAC Gives Greg Abbott $127,000, Gets Sweetheart Deal in Return

Just like he has with predatory lenders and chemical companies, it appears that Greg Abbott is using the powers of his office to reward his six-figure donors.

Farmers Insurance PAC has contributed $127,000 to Attorney General Greg Abbott while he oversees a homeowners insurance case against the company - once again putting the interests of his donors ahead of the interest of the people of Texas.

The Texas Tribune has the scoop in an excellent investigative piece, "Farmers Insurance PAC Gives to Abbott Amid Lawsuit":

Critics of the settlement say it is too lenient on Farmers because it does not make the company pay enough. At the April hearing, Travis County state District Judge Scott Jenkins, who approved the settlement in 2002, asked Deputy Attorney General David Mattax why the state was being “deferential” to Farmers by not insisting that the settlement — valued at $117 million — include interest that would have accrued while the case sat dormant for 11 years.

“You don’t just have to lay down to Farmers,” Jenkins said. “Farmers has had the benefit of all that money for more than a decade and the consumers haven't.” [...]

A political action committee affiliated with employees of the insurer resumed its contributions to Abbott after the 2002 election that he won. In total, the Farmers Employees PAC has given more than $100,000 to the sitting attorney general since then, state campaign finance records show.


A long time ago, Abbott "pledged to return all contributions from the company." It's time for him to renew that pledge.

A candidate for Governor should be on the side of the people, not on the side of insiders and corrupt donors.