Now the Nation Knows

There are a couple things we aren't very good at doing. We don't brag or take victory laps as often as we probably should. We don't update you on the victories we experience every day in the office and around the state. In fact, we too often focus on stopping the horrible things conservatives are planning and forget to focus on how you all are making a difference.

Stopping Jerry Patterson, the Texas Land Commissioner, from having the state of Texas endorse the confederate flag was the first campaign we ever launched. Not only was it our first campaign, it was our first victory.

Today, the New York Times did a profile on Jerry Patterson and mentioned our community and work. In it, they call Patterson, a potential candidate for the most powerful job in Texas government (Lt. Governor), "racially insensitive" and "unable to govern a state like ours." Even a Republican consultant called Patterson, "unlike anyone else."

You make that possible with your tireless commitment to changing Texas.


This is a minority-majority state and the national attention we are putting on elected officials like Patterson shows how out of touch conservatives are in Texas.

That's how we change the narrative and how we show, for the long term, how conservatives are out of touch.

We have focused on holding elected officials accountable, getting our representatives to put people over politics, and encouraging our supposed leaders to put Texas values ahead of ideology. That means we have fought to expose a corporate bill factory known as the American Legislative Exchange Council and their Texas branch, the Texas Public Policy Foundation. We have asked Rick Perry to pay back Texas taxpayers the nearly $4 million he spent to run for president. We have said Rush Limbaugh doesn't speak for Texas and shouldn't be an honorary Texan. We have fought for health care and fair rates for student loans. We have shown our Texas courts are in crisis and asked our U.S. Senators to stop delaying judicial appointments for a partisan agenda.

When we fight for Texans, we win and we make a real difference. Now, the entire country is paying attention to your work, your activism, and the difference you are making.