March on April 15 to Demand Trump Disclose His Taxes

How about those tax returns, President Trump?

On April 15, Americans across the country will march to demand Donald Trump release his tax returns.


When Donald Trump was kicking up dirt with his ridiculous “birther” ploy, he repeatedly claimed that the only reason President Obama would hide his birth certificate was because there was something on there he didn’t like. Now, Trump has abandoned his own conviction (big surprise), refusing to release any full tax returns - breaking with presidential tradition going back to Nixon.


Tax returns not only reveal the amount of income tax paid, but equally important, shed light on any potential conflicts of interest the president may have - a question that continues to rise throughout the Trump presidency.


Despite persistent public outcry, the Trump administration insists the American people don’t care about his tax returns. But on April 15 people across the state and country will take to the streets to let them know that they are wrong. Americans will demand that the president be transparent with his financial ties and business dealings.


Donald Trump is not an independent business tycoon any more - he is a public servant. It is our right as citizens to know that Trump has the best interests of Americans, and only theirs, in mind when making decisions on U.S. economics, international relations, and public policy.


Join the movement at a march near you and demand transparency from Trump.


Here are the Tax March events in Texas:




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