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A Majority of Texans Want Medicaid Expansion

A recent survey conducted by the Texas Hospital Association (THA) shows that 59% of Texans are in favor of the Medicaid expansion once they know all of the benefits that come along with accepting these federal funds. 

From a press release from the THA:

“Texans understand that Medicaid expansion is a wise investment because it increases access to health care and reduces costs to the local taxpayers who shoulder the burden when the state and federal governments cut funding to public hospitals as they have done in recent years,” said Dan Stultz, M.D., FACHE, FACP, THA president and chief executive officer.

As people learn more about the Medicaid expansion and how it would not only help 1.5 million Texans receive access to health care, but also help local taxpayers and those who already pay for insurance, it makes sense to go forward with Medicaid expansion. That fact that the federal government is going to fully foot the bill for the next three years and never less than 90% after that, also makes Texans agree that this is right for our state.

Furthermore, the economic benefits are incredible. The money coming in would “$256 billion in economic activity over 10 years and create about 300,000 job” according to the press release, referencing the important Perryman group study that came out last fall.

“Voters, as well as an increasing block of bipartisan lawmakers and a growing number of non-partisan organizations, understand the importance of a smart investment of state tax dollars in a local community’s health care infrastructure,” Stultz said.  “By expanding Medicaid, we can improve access to primary health care and create good-paying jobs along the way.”

Progress Texas’ list of Medicaid Expansion supporters also continues to grow, including local governments, chambers of commerce, and organizations statewide. 

With all of these benefits, and a majority of Texans who want the Medicaid expansion, Perry and other lawmakers who are refusing to consider accepting these funds under the Affordable Care Act seem out of touch and frankly, out of their minds.