In the Land of Republicans, a Proposed Discriminatory Bill Actually Upholds Civil Rights Act

Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth) filed House Bill 360 on January 7 that would "cut off state money to any university that bars campus clubs that select members by 'beliefs or status, including race, gender and sexual orientation.'" Basically, a hypothetical student organization can reject prospective members because of their race, gender, sexual identity, etc. if they are doing it for religious reasons.


Over at the fantastic blog, Legislative Queery, they point out the true meaning of this absolutely asinine and ludicrous bill. They write:

[This bills] means that any person can form a club around whatever stupid or hateful idea they want, and they can claim that their club is based on their religious beliefs, but what Krause is suggesting in this bill is a radical expansion of those rights. Under Krause’s bill not only would these clubs have a right to exist (which they do) they would have a right to financial and material support from the people of Texas.

In response to thunderous criticism about his bill, Rep. Krause has come out and said his bill is somehow meant to not only protect the First Amendment, but also uphold and respect the progress made from the Civil Rights Movement. He also promises to narrow the language in a later draft. 

This colossal blunder is almost comical. The paradoxical language and flubbed reasoning is a joke, yet Rep. Krause romantically states "this bill is near and dear to my heart."

Pardon, Representative Krause. Discrimination will forever be morally and legally wrong. 

Let's just keep in mind that the KKK defines itself as a Christian organization. Yet they somehow managed to become historically adept at hunting, torturing and murdering thousands of people. Nobody wants to see the student chapter of that at their Involvement Fair. But if Rep. Krause's bill passes, there is a very high possibility that students will.

The bill reportedly has no chance to pass since it has no co-sponsor nor co-author. It is not even scheduled for a standard Higher Education Committee hearing. Still, it is highly offensive and incredibly insulting. The fact that Rep. Krause had the nerve to insinuate that it salutes the Civil Rights Act is absolutely unacceptable.


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