How to Talk About Birth Control at Your July 4th BBQ

How to Talk About Birth Control at Your July 4th BBQ

On July 4th we celebrate America – and we also consume a lot of beer and barbecue. With the recent Hobby Lobby decision still fresh in the news, at some point, the subject of birth control will come up at your cookout.

Whether it's your crazy Tea Party uncle, that family member screaming freedom all day long, or Ted Cruz – someone will say something ridiculous.

We got ya covered.

Here is a list of responses to some of the dumbest things conservatives say about birth control:


CRAZY UNCLE SAYS: Birth control is only for recreation, your work shouldn’t have to pay for it!


YOU SAY: Then why does Hobby Lobby cover vasectomies and Viagra? Birth control a) reduces a woman’s risk for ovarian cancer and b) helps regulate menstrual cycles. That’s why 58% of women use birth control for reasons other than family planning – and no employer should have a right to interfere with a woman’s medical decisions. (Source)


CRAZY UNCLE SAYS: The case was about religious freedom!


YOU SAY: Corporations do not go to church, and employers do not have a right to impose religious beliefs on employees. Furthermore, Hobby Lobby holds investments of $73 million in contraceptive companies, proving that this is not about Hobby Lobby's religious freedom. Call it what it really is: a political war against women on behalf of Republicans. (Source)


CRAZY UNCLE SAYS: Women can still get affordable birth control!


YOU SAY: Wrong. Birth control can be very expensive – from $500 to $1,000. And not all women can take the same brand or even generics, people respond differently to different types of medication. Contraceptives provide health benefits and guarantee vital family planning and health care coverage. (Source)


CRAZY UNCLE SAYS: If you don’t like the healthcare coverage, get another job!


YOU SAY: People paying into a health plan deserve to get the coverage they need. Corporations should never be allowed to have a say in an employee’s private medical decisions. As Justice Ginsburg said, “the exercise of religion is characteristic of natural persons, not artificial legal entities.” (Source)


CRAZY UNCLE SAYS: The Supreme Court ruling is narrow and only affects some companies!


YOU SAY: More than 90% of corporations in the US are closely held. The vague nature of the ruling opens the floodgates for additional so-called “religious exemptions.” In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision, one group of religious leaders are seeking to get clearance for anti-LGBT policies as a result of the ruling.