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Greg Abbott Supporter Funds “Abortion Barbie” Posters

Greg Abbott Supporter Funds “Abortion Barbie” Posters

On Thursday, obscene “Abortion Barbie” posters depicting gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis—commissioned by a self-proclaimed Greg Abbott supporter—were papered across Los Angeles. The offensive image superimposes Davis’s head onto the body of a semi-nude Barbie with a visible fetus in the doll’s womb—a pair of scissors is positioned beside the doll.

Greg Abbott has a history of demeaning women across Texas and tacitly endorsing this sort of dangerous anti-woman rhetoric. Last year, Greg Abbott thanked a follower on Twitter who called Wendy Davis a “retard barbie.” And earlier this year, Abbott hit the campaign trail with Ted Nugent—a notorious misogynist and admitted sexual predator.

House Bill 2—the anti-choice, anti-woman law that Wendy Davis stood up to fight against alongside throngs of protesters at the state capitol last summer—has since forced the closure of 20 abortion clinics in the state. Of the 24 remaining, only 6 will remain open come this September. 

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