Greg Abbott Fought to Protect Sociopath Doctor Over Victims

Senator Wendy Davis’ newest TV ad reveals what may be the most appalling example yet of Attorney General Greg Abbott using his office to hurt Texas families. After accepting $250,000 in campaign contributions from the chairman of the hostpital that employed the now infamous sociopath surgeon, Greg Abbott chose to intervene in a lawsuit filed against that same hospital by the families of the doctor's victims.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch committed operating table crimes so heinous that over the course of three years he managed to brutally maim and kill several of his patients during typically harmless, routine surgery. Even though the hospitals where Duntsch practiced received thousands of complaints about him from doctors and patients, including reports of him operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol, hospital bureaucrats did nothing to stop himeven after learning of the surgeon's history of preventable injuries and deaths.

As would anyone in their positionsincluding Greg Abbott, whose personal wealth came from a personal injury lawsuitthe victims sought compensation from the medical institutions that ignored their complaints and let this doctor continue to practice despite knowing the horrific harm he caused. 

Though he wasn't obligated by law to do so, weeks after accepting the $250,000, Greg Abbott intervened on behalf of the hospital. Using the full force of the Attorney General’s Office he chose to side against the victims and their families, in order to protect the interests of his donors.

Abbott’s enforcement of damage cap laws against these victims is grossly hypocritical, considering he still to this day lives off of the nearly $10 million tax-free non-capped damages he was awarded after an injury left him paralyzed. But Abbott has a history of protecting his own interests over those of Texas families:

Greg Abbott has consistently proven that he will use the weight of his office to work against Texans. Imagine how much worse it could be if he were Governor.



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