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Fort Worth Business Press praises Wendy Davis, slams Greg Abbott

Last week, the Fort Worth Business Press praised Wendy Davis for her stance supporting the American Airlines and US Airways merger.

[W]hat does Davis do in her first high-profile political test since becoming the most talked-about Texas Democrat since Ann Richards? She takes dead aim at her potential Republican opponent, state Attorney General Greg Abbott, and bops him right between the eyes.


Not only did Davis come down on the right side of the issue, she shrewdly sidestepped the appearance of premature partisanship by avoiding any direct mention of Abbott, and she demonstrated her independence by taking on the Obama administration’s Justice Department.

Abbott, meanwhile, lamely attempted to justify his position by claiming that the merger would reduce competition both nationally and in Texas and would result in higher prices for air travelers. That echoes the federal government’s position, and it’s malarkey.

The Allied Pilots Association, the union representing American’s 10,000 pilots, also supports the merger.

“The merger with US Airways would enable American Airlines to address network and revenue deficiencies and exit Chapter 11 restructuring on a level playing field with United and Delta. A reinvigorated American Airlines would then offer business and international travelers a viable alternative to those carriers, providing an important competitive counterbalance.”

Interesting high praise from the staunchly conservative Forth Worth Businesses Press. This can't make GOP gubernatorial front runner Greg Abbott happy...