Five-Time Married Politician Wants to Defend Sanctity of Marriage

Tony Tinderholt, Texas State Representative, is your hero defending the “sanctity of marriage.” Marriage is serious business for Rep. Tinderholt, as evidenced by the fact that he has had five of them, which is why he filed a handwritten complaint yesterday against a judge for allowing Texas’ first legal same-sex marriage.

And if that sentence above didn’t contain enough to confound you: fifth marriage, handwritten complaint… Tinderholt, who is not a lawyer, was apparently confused about the basic facts of the court order which allowed for a Texas marriage license to be issued to a lesbian couple who have been together for 30 years. The complaint named the wrong judge and case and cited a procedural law that had not been violated.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

“The first problem: Wahlberg didn't rule the marriage ban unconstitutional. That was Probate Judge Guy Herman, who issued the decision as part of an estate claim by a woman who wanted her deceased female partner legally recognized as her spouse. Wahlberg used Herman's ruling to marry a lesbian couple in Austin last month, saying a terminal illness made the couple unable to wait for a final ruling on the constitutional challenge.

But even if Tinderholt meant to direct his qualms to judge Herman, there's another glitch. In his complaint, Tinderholt wrote "constitutional challenge by a judge requires notice and must wait until 45 days after to enter final judgment."

Kennedy reported that on Jan. 23, Herman had notified the state attorney general's office, which opted not to get involved in the case.”

Tinderholt has not made a public statement explaining his opposition to marriage equality, but we’re guessing it falls in line with the go-to Republican “allowing this committed, loving couple to marry violates the sanctity of marriage” argument. And, to be fair, Tinderholt, now on his fifth, must know just how important marriage truly is.

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