Five Fast Facts on Trump's Kidnapping of Immigrant Children

The Trump administration is pushing around a lot of lies and misinformation about their "zero tolerance" and family separation policies.


The Trump Administration says it does not have a policy of separating immigrant children from their mothers and fathers. This is false. The Administration’s new anti-immigration policies require the taking of children from families under many circumstances.



The new anti-immigration policies have led to the taking of children from mothers and fathers who arrive at border ports of entry appropriately and legally to apply for asylum. It is not limited to families apprehended for entering the country illegally.*



The Trump policies are new and exclusive to the Trump Administration. The policies are not the policies of previous presidents. They are Trump’s alone.



The Trump separation of family policies are not laws passed by Congress. They are not court orders. They are specific policies of the Trump Administration with no precedent and no previous status or enforcement.



Various members of the Trump Administration, including Chief of Staff John Kelly, have bragged that the taking of children from families is an intentional policy of the administration intended to discourage victims of violence in Central America from attempting the dangerous trek here to apply for asylum.


*This was confirmed by journalist Jean Guerrero of KPBS-TV in San Diego and reported on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" on June 19.