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First Presidential Debate Tonight!

Following on the heels of last night’s tense Belo Debate in which Texas Senate candidates Paul Sadler (D) and Ted Cruz (R) traded blows about everything from federal spending to whether Cruz believes Obama isn’t American (he never answered), tonight is the first of the three highly anticipated presidential debates.

Taking place in the hotly contested swing state of Colorado, it is expected that many will be watching across the nation on one of the many channels airing the debate live, beginning at 8pm CT—C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC among others—or streaming live online, on YouTube or even Xbox Live, among others.

As we grow ever closer to this extremely important Election Day, these debates will be what sticks in the mind of many voters... and could easily seal the deal or end the White House hopes of one of the candidates. Romney will have a lot to answer for, including his part in the War on Women, his infamous “47%” comment, and the impact of his plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Check out how his and Paul Ryan’s proposed budget would affect Texas.

To get you ready for the first debate, below is a video highlighting some of the most decisive moments in presidential debate history. Enjoy! And don’t forget to register to vote, watch the debates, and VOTE!