Filing Deadline Is Monday. Run for Something.

Here's handy list of all the uncontested races and a ready to run checklist.

Texas progressives are energized and running for office in record numbers across the state. We have candidates to challenge Republicans for every statewide office and congressional seat, but there are still uncontested Texas House and Senate and judicial races.

Monday, December 11 is the deadline to file. Do you live any of these districts? Ever considered a run? Do it! We need to challenge every seat.

Unchallenged Republicans

State House (click here to check out a Texas House district map to see who's running - and not running - where)

  • HD 1: Gary VanDeaver (R)

  • HD 2: Dan Flynn (R)

  • HD 7: Jay Dean (R)

  • HD 9: Chris Paddie (R)

  • HD 21: Dade Phelan (R)

  • HD 25: Dennis Bonnen (R)

  • HD 30: Geanie Morrison (R)

  • HD 32: Todd Hunter (R)

  • HD 54: Scott Cosper (R)

  • HD 55: Hugh Shine (R)

  • HD 58: Dewayne Burns (R)

  • HD 59: Tan Parker (R)

  • HD 60: Mike Lang (R)

  • HD 68: Drew Springer (R)

  • HD 69: James Frank (R)

  • HD 72: Drew Darby (R)

  • HD 82: Tom Craddick (R)

  • HD 86: John Smithee (R)

  • HD 87: Four Price (R)

  • HD 128: Briscoe Cain (R)

  • HD 135: Gary Elkins (R)

  • HD 150: Valorie Swanson (R)

State Senate:

  • SD 31: Kel Seliger (R)


  • Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8: Elsa Alcala (R)

  • Chief Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals: Terrie Livingston (R)

  • Chief Justice, 10th Court of Appeals: Steve Smith (R)

  • Chief Justice, 11th Court of Appeals: Jim R. Wright (R)

  • Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals, Pl. 4: Bob McCoy (R)

  • Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals, Pl. 5: Sue Walker (R)

  • Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals, Pl. 6: Lee Ann Campbell Dauphinot (R)

  • Justice, 4th Court of Appeals, Pl. 2: Marialyn Barnard (R)

  • Justice, 4th Court of Appeals, Pl. 5: Karen Angelini (R)

Ready to Run Checklist


  • Campaign email - example of a good email:
  • Campaign phone - get a google voice line
  • Campaign address - use a PO Box if you can
  • Write your biography - Write a one pager on "Why me, why now."
  • Act Blue page - Set up a way to raise money!
  • Facebook page - NOT your personal page! Make an organizational page
  • Twitter handle

Part 2 - FILING DAY:

  • File a Treasurer with the Texas Ethics Commission
  • File for office - Go to your county party for districts that are wholly nested in one county, the State Party for all others


  • Consult with a campaign finance professional
  • Get an Employer ID Number from the IRS
  • Open a campaign checking account
  • Get professional photos
  • Build your website
  • Get a VAN account from the state party
  • Union-made printed materials (flyers, lapel stickers, business cards)