The Fight Is Not Over

A few weeks ago we reported that a major deal was stuck in the U.S. Senate to bypass political gridlock and fill judicial vacancies and emergencies across the country as a result of actions by Texans like you. Of the 14 judges that will be named by the end of April, two will be in Texas. And both will fill judicial emergencies. While our U.S. Senators did not push to fill the seats immediately like we asked, they did agree to a bipartisan deal because you made your voice heard and put pressure on them to make a deal. But the fight is not over.

Both John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison are content to give Texans the minimum and stop working to fill the other 4 judicial emergencies in Texas.

Now we need you to take the next step and help us take your actions offline and let the press and your community know about this important issue. You might not be aware, but the most read part of any newspaper is the Letter to the Editors section. Help us reach millions of Texans on this critical issue by taking a few moments and writing a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper.

We know your time is important so we have created a system that makes sending your letter quick and easy. All you have to do is click this link and see how simple it is for you to spread the word on this critical issue.

Only you can let Texans know there is an epidemic of partisan gridlock hurting every Texan in every community. Only you can submit letters to the editor in your local press and neighborhoods.

There is a simple solution to fix the problem. Right now Texas has the most emergency judicial districts in the country. These federal courts are plagued by partisan gridlock in Washington. While our courts sit vacant, critical cases are left waiting. All because Mitch McConnell and conservative leadership in D.C. are more concerned about winning political points than working for the 160 million Americans affected by judicial vacancies. We have shown we can fix the problem. And the fight is not over until we stop delaying justice in Texas.

We've provided some basic facts, figures, and notes on the issue to help you craft your letter. Share whichever ones motivate you and let Texans, your local newspaper, and press corps know that justice delayed is justice denied.


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