Endorsement Alert: Roland Gutierrez will bring the fight for our freedoms to the U.S. Senate

Roland Gutierrez For U.S. Senate
Gutierrez is the best option to help humanity put Ted Cruz in the political rearview mirror

Progress Texas endorses immigration lawyer and proven progressive fighter State Senator Roland Gutierrez in the Texas Primary for U.S. Senate.

“Roland Gutierrez is fighting for the future of our democracy —the freedom to choose our leaders, to control our own bodies, and to work and live in communities safe from crime and pollution,” said Kathleen Thompson, Progress Texas Executive Director. “The Primary is an opportunity for progressive Texans to demonstrate their growing political power, to win, and then take on Ted Cruz, who abandoned Texans long before his sunny Cancún vacation during the 2021 deadly winter freeze and grid failure.”

Progress Texas supports a stable democracy, a dependable energy system, health care for all, an end to gun violence, a just immigration system, reproductive freedom, economic opportunity, workers’ rights, public education, and human decency—along with democracy and human rights abroad. In contrast stands Ted Cruz, who puts Donald Trump’s and billionaires’ interests above working everyday Texans.

Texans deserve a candidate who will fight for them and win. Roland flipped his state senate district from red to blue by winning over suburban voters, blue-collar rural families, and city folks. He can beat Ted Cruz.

“The candidate that goes against Ted Cruz must be willing to fight tooth and nail for our democracy, women’s reproductive rights, and Medicare for All. I am proud to have the support of Progress Texas and together, we are going to gather a coalition of folks that hasn’t been seen before in this state and we are going to get Ted Cruz out of office once and for all. said Senator Gutierrez. “As the son of hard-working immigrants and an immigration attorney, I understand these issues and I’m gonna fight to fix the broken system that Ted Cruz perpetuates to keep us in chaos.”

Important Primary Dates: 

  • Last day to register to vote: Feb. 5
  • Last day to apply for ballot by mail: Feb 23
  • Early voting: Feb 20-March 1
  • Election Day: March 5