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Economic Analysis: Expanding Medicaid Best for State's Economy

Perry's choice is clear.

Expanding Medicaid in Texas through the Affordable Care Act is a no-brainer, which is why it's such a tough decision for Rick Perry. This should help: a new economic analysis by the Perryman Group shows that expanding Medicaid in Texas would create an economic windfall for our state.

From the analysis, we learn that:

  • $1.29 would come back to the state in state revenue for every $1 spent by the state on Medicaid expansion
  • The burden on local governments would be reduced by $1.21 for every dollar of state funds spent on Medicaid expansion

The report goes on to say:

"The best choice for Texas from an economic perspective is participating in the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. It represents one of those rare occasions where Texas can both provide significant services for many of its least advantaged citizens while simultaneously stimulating the economy and taking the most fiscally responsible course. Whether Texas ops in to this program or not, our citizens and businesses will pay the federal taxes that support it.”

Perry's choice is clear: will he stick with conservative special interests and reject the Medicaid expansion, or will he plan for the future of Texas and join with progressives to expand Medicaid and improve our state and local economies?

Read the full report for yourself below:

Perryman Group's Medicaid Expansion Press Release