A Deafening Roar for Medicaid Expansion

This morning, volunteers with Progress Texas and the Texas Organizing Project rallied outside Governor Perry's office demanding he expand Medicaid in Texas to cover hard working Texans. Perry hosted a 10 minute long "roundtable" discussion - where no members of the public were invited - and a joint press conference on Medicaid expansion with Senators John Cornyn & Ted Cruz, along with other Texas Tea Party members. Texans came from across the state to make it known that we need health care, and we need it now - check out our Facebook photos from the rally.

The turnout was great and we made an impact - chip in $20 today if you can support more work like this going forward!

The protest only finished a couple hours ago and we've already been mentioned by Politico, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle. We were so loud, members of the press inside could barely hear what the Governor and Senators Cruz & Cornyn were saying!

We have posted photos of our counter-rally on Facebook. We would like to sincerely thank everyone from the Texas Organizing Project, who we are excited to have partnered with, and they invited their members from across the state - they are a great partner to work with.

Our voices are being heard, and our work to expand Medicaid is just beginning. Can you chip in $20 today to help us keep our work going?

We need to keep up the pressure and make sure our lawmakers know that we want Medicaid expansion. Call your legislator today toll-free: 1-866-823-4787. Before you call, find your legislative district here.

Thanks for all that you do and all you make possible - and if you catch the news tonight, be sure to look for members of Texas Organizing Project and Progress Texas on TV!