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Sheets Neave Texas House District 107

Dallas County: State House District 107 - Democrat Victoria Neave v. Republican Ken Sheets

The stakes in this race couldn’t be any higher. The real issues that matter hang in the balance.

The contrasts between progressive Democrat Victoria Neave and Donald Trump supporter, Republican incumbent Ken Sheets couldn’t be any clearer, and the stakes in the race in House District 107 in East Dallas County couldn’t be any higher.

We can’t stress enough how much every vote in this district matters. Sheets carried the district by 1 percentage point in 2012.

One point. Your vote could literally swing this race. And the real issues that matter hang in the balance.

Trump Republican Ken Sheets has a long record of failing the hardworking families in his district:

Victoria Neave, a business owner, attorney, and daughter of an immigrant, is the dedicated champion of change Dallas county needs in the state legislature. Neave will fight to improve the lives of her neighbors:

  • Fight to give every Texas kid a quality education, supporting teachers and neighborhood schools

  • Fight to make college affordable for everyone

  • Fight to protect Texans’ fundamental right to vote

  • Fight to guarantee Texas women equal pay for equal work and access to the full range of reproductive health care, from birth control to abortion access

  • Fight to bring better paying jobs to her community and to level the playing field for small business

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