Congressman Will Hurd Should Change His Name to Congressman Will Break Promises

Freshman Tea Party Congressman Will Hurd (TX-23) is already breaking promises he made during his 2014 campaign - which is why Pete Gallego just announced he is running against Hurd in 2016:

"Seeing Congressman Hurd so decisively on the wrong side of issues that matter to Texas families like mine made this an easier decision for María Elena, Nicolás and me. Texas families deserve better - so yes, I am going to run and I am going to win." - Pete Gallego

Just three months on the job, Will Hurd has already broken promises to seniors, students, and veterans. He signed onto a federal budget plan that guts Medicare, cuts funding for financial aid, and slashes funding for veteran's benefits. At the same time, Hurd supports a new $50,000 tax break for millionaires, as well as keeping in place $70 billion in subsidies for big banks.

Hurd did keep his promise on one thing though: trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would jeopardize affordable health care for $1.2 million Texans.

If you're a big corporation seeking tax cuts, a hedge fund manager looking to make risky investments cheaper, or a millionaire wanting one more tax break, then Congressman Will Hurd is your guy.

But if you're like the rest of us, it's pretty clear that it's time for a change.

Here's a breakdown of Hurd's broken promises from his first three months in Congress:

Hurd Breaks Promise to Seniors

Hurd Breaks Promise to Veterans

  • Hurd's Promise: “It is ludicrous to suggest that he would support legislation to slash funding for veteran’s benefits. Only someone who has never served our country in harm’s way, would play politics with those that do.”
  • Promise Broken: Part of the Medicare cuts Hurd voted for impact veterans with disabilities who depend on Medicare to fund their stays in nursing homes.

Hurd Breaks Promise to Students

  • Hurd's Promise: “Will is of the belief that our children’s educations should be considered a national security priority. He has pledged to fight for a stronger education system and does not support slashed funding because without it, we cannot hope to build a stronger nation.”
  • Promise Broken: Hurd’s budget vote cut $220 billion from higher education, along with money for Pell Grants. Estimates show this would mean almost 8 million kids attending college would have their financial aid slashed.