Black History Month: Texans making history right now

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks made history, and inspired a generation of leaders to keep making history today.

All February we've been pursuing a project to celebrate African American leaders who are tirelessly working to build a better future in Texas.

Our collaborative Black History Month project became a series of portraits of some of the most influential activists in Texas who are making history daily through their work - alongside a quote of their making.

Be sure to click the organizational links under each person's name to learn more about the work. You can also view these portraits on Instagram.

Dr. Karla Brown, Ed.D. 

Houston Justice Coalition

[digital illustration of Dr. Karla Brown with a quote on the side that reads "There is no social justice without education, for it is education and it's appropriate application that liberates us all."]

Kamyon Conner

Texas Equal Access Fund Executive Director

Raven Douglas

MOVE Texas Deputy Director

Sasha Legette, J.D.

Workers Defense Project Business Liaison

Marsha Jones

The Afiya Center Executive Director

Jamarr Brown

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes Organizing and Training Director

These graphics were designed & illustrated by YunuƩn Sigler, our in-house graphic designer.


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