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The Affordable Care Act is Working in Texas

The Affordable Care Act is working in Texas. Will you help us spread the word?

This is the message we delivered to state lawmakers last week, when we delivered a letter to a joint hearing with the Texas House of Representatives Committees on Public Health and Insurance. While so many Texas conversations around the Affordable Care Act (ACA) revolve around conservatives' baseless political attacks, the facts clearly point to clear successes here in Texas. We've embedded the letter below, but here are some key facts and figures you should know:

  • 7,536,000 - Number of Texans that no longer have a lifetime limit on their health insurance plan thanks to ACA
  • 6,044,690 - Number of Texans helped by health reform's prevention coverage improvements thanks to ACA
  • 5,003,000 - Number of Texans protected by the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) "80-20 Rule" thanks to ACA -- and thanks to your work!
  • 300,731 - Number of young adult Texans that have gained health insurance through their parent's plans thanks to ACA
  • 103,000 - Number of Texas seniors who saved an average of $565 per person in prescription drug costs because of fixes to the infamous Medicare "donut hole" - thanks to ACA
  • 4,029 - Number of Texans who have gained health care coverage through the Pre-existing condition insurance plan thanks to ACA
  • 120 - Number of Texas employers who have received over $425 million in federal support to make early retiree health coverage more affordable, thanks to ACA

Of course, the successes of the Affordable Care Act could never be quantified with numbers alone. In the coming days and weeks, as the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act approaches, we'll be sharing stories from individuals. In the mean time, we hope you use these numbers as pushback the next time conservatives try and tell you that the Affordable Care Act is not working in Texas.

The Affordable Care Act is working in Texas, and it's only going to get better, unless we allow conservative lawmakers to stand in our way. Sign our pledge to support the Affordable Care Act so you can learn more about how to protect your health care rights here in Texas.


Progress Texas Letter on Affordable Care Act