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ACT NOW: House budget debate tomorrow

Tomorrow is one of the most important days in the Texas Legislature. All day and late into the night, the Texas House will debate and vote on the next two-year state budget and its 267 amendments. Decisions made tomorrow are not the final say on the budget, but it is the last chance for your State Representatives to vote on meaningful changes to the state budget.

Tomorrow will answer the question: will we invest in the future of our state, or cut and divert revenue from programs that help future generations?

Follow us on Twitter (@ProgressTX) for live updates throughout the day, and keep an eye on this blog for updates on major amendments and components of the budget. Our entire staff will be following the proceedings closely and staying up with the Texas Legislature to ensure we can hold our elected officials accountable on this important day.

One issue we know will be debated and is of great importance is the question of whether or not - and in what way - Texas will expand Medicaid. Governor Perry might be doubling down on his failed policy to reject Medicaid funding without offering any solutions, but the momentum for Medicaid expansion is growing - and Tea Party lawmakers are starting to feel the pressure:

Your Texas legislator needs to hear from you before Thursday! Call your representative in the Texas House right now and tell them:

"Support amendments to the budget that will allow our state to accept federal funds to extend Medicaid to hard-working uninsured Texans!"

Call toll-free: 1-866-823-4787

Click here to find your legislative district.