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July Democratic Presidential Debate

10 standout moments from the July #DemDebate

After this debate, the field of Democratic Presidential candidates will slowly narrow down.

In the second of many Democratic Debates, candidates sparred on issues like health care, immigration, and climate change, and Texans were watching. 

While the night’s questions were framed by Republican talking points and abortion access was never brought up, we did hear a few important insights from key candidates. Here are some of our favorite moments: 


1. Texas is a battleground state. 

Beto O’Rourke broadcasted what we’ve known for a while: Texas is a battleground state in 2020, and candidates need to pay attention. 

A recent poll this week (the fourth one in a row) shows Democratic candidates leading or tied with Donald Trump in Texas. Republicans are scared. 


2. We’re fighting FOR something.

Not only are we fighting to kick Trump out of office, but Texans are backing candidates who are steadfast in their values and ready to fight for us.


3. The candidates are focusing on health care.

Voters have said it loud and clear: We need to expand health care access! We need candidates who are for affordable health care options for all people.


4. We need our climate crisis addressed.

Here in Texas, communities are already being hit by the effects of our climate crisis. Presidential candidates must not only recognize this, but be willing to take action on day 1.


5. Texans sharing their takes using #DemDebateTX.

We invited progressive advocates, candidates, and organizations across the state to join us in offering their “Texas Take” during the debates. Here’s what they had to say.



6. More plans for health care for all.

While the Affordable Care Act has helped one million Texans, conservatives are still trying to dismantle the ACA with no replacement. People deserve access to care.

7. Candidates calling out Republican talking points.

Message framing is so important, and we need a Democratic nominee who knows when to call something out.

8. Truthful conversations about the criminal justice system.

Our criminal justice system was never designed to work for ordinary Americans. It has incarcerated masses of people, mostly from communities of color. We need a president who believes in complete criminal justice reform for the benefit of our communities.

9. A conversation about the wage gap that still exists in America.

Women and non-binary folks deserve equal pay for equal work!

10. Texans (again) sharing their takes using #DemDebateTX

Thank you to the folks who shared their Texas Takes during the #DemDebates! We’ll see everyone in Houston in September for the next debate.

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