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Make sure they hear today that Texans support Medicaid expansion!

Our partners at Texas Well and Healthy are asking folks to call members of the Texas legislature and tell them you support Medicaid expansion today! Support for expanding Medicaid in Texas and across the country is gaining momentum. Already 8 GOP governors in New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, North Dakota, Arizona have ended their partisan opposition and accepted expansion. With your help, we can make Texas the 9th state on that list.


Make sure they hear today that Texans support Medicaid expansion!

So many Texans this week have rallied and called and met with legislators at the Capitol about insuring Texan families through Medicaid expansion . .  and  guess what? It's working!

A month ago, key officials were saying this issue was "off the table." Now, having heard our voices, a key Texas House committee scheduled a hearing for this morning about Medicaid expansion.

More than ever we must keep up the heat and keep up those calls to members of the legislature. If you've waited, today's the day to act. And if you've called before, you can still call again!

Call toll-free: 1-866-823-4787

1. Look up your district number at this link for your State Representative in the Texas House.

2. Call the toll-free number. Follow the instructions, including entering your district number.

3. Tell your representative to support Medicaid expansion in Texas!

Here are some talking points to make in the call (or just tell your lawmaker your story!):

. I am your constituent, and I ask you to support Medicaid expansion in Texas.

. 1.5 million Texans will get health coverage through the expansion, dramatically cutting the state's uninsured rate. At the same time, we will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and receive needed federal funding to benefit our local hospitals and the economy.

Got another 10 minutes? Call members of the House Appropriations Committee with this message, too.

And don't forget to join the Thunderclap for Medicaid Expansion, before time runs out Tuesday!

Sign on to tweet or post a Facebook status update with us and with other Texans so the message to the Texas legislature is loud and clear: 1.5 million people need coverage through Medicaid expansion!